Jesus My Wisdom

One of the predominant pursuits of modern day Evangelical Christians is for truth. What is of paramount importance is the content of what truth is. My focus has changed from getting everything right to trusting the person who does- Jesus. I can rest knowing He is and has the truth.

Do I still want to understand all kinds of truth?- Yes. But it is no longer what drives me. I can now be confident in what I "know", but at the same time hold it loosely. When I understand that Jesus possesses truth, and that I am in Him, I can learn about truth in a restful way.

Again, this does not mean that trying to understand some truth about life is inappropriate- it is appropriate. It is not however the goal of the Christian life or what brings satisfaction to our souls. With my wisdom firmly placed in Him, I can enjoy fellowship with others who are in Him and who may understand some truth differently than I do. I can desire to know the "what's" and the "why's", but be at rest. I can also live perfectly at peace with my lack of knowing.

I no longer expect of myself or others to understand all about "truths". Jesus, who I am "in", understands it all. This is what abiding is about. My life does not independently contain all that it needs to live. The truth is in Someone else- Jesus.

Christian wisdom is like a computer workstation that is connected to a main frame computer. The workstation does not contain the information it needs. The station does not process and analyze the information. The work of the computer is revealed through the screen (us), but is done by the main frame.

We want to download all the truth from the main frame and have it for our own. We want to be able to process all the information ourselves. We want the facts so we can make the decision. We want to eat from the tree of the "knowledge of good and evil". This is often behind man's "why" questions. "Why did God allow this to happen" is the cry of most of us. We are, rather, to walk by faith and believe that God knows what is right. He loves us. He is powerful and He is in control.

This is freedom to me. Trusting in a source other than myself. Now I am free to explore my life in Him. I can ask questions and get some answers. But the satisfaction of my soul and mind is to always know that He who loves me immensely is continually acting wisely on my behalf.

In Jesus,

Ken Page

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